I Know You

As I venture into 2018, I have this poem stuck in my head, “The Gods Tremble Before Quiet Strength”  by Iain Thomas.  When my poetry-loving daughter read them to me, they just seemed to take hold and not let go.

I know you best when you are brave.

I know you when your strength comes from your compassion and when
your greatest fear, is that you have not been compassionate enough.
I know you when you look at others not as others but as people you might
have been, as people your parents might have been, as people your children
might still be.

I know you and I see you when you stand up.

I know you and I see you when they tell you to be afraid, to hate, to go
away from the world, to go away from each other. I know you and I see you
when they scream storms at you, when they bury you beneath mountains,
when they drown you in oceans, when they push you under and yet still you
whisper from the deepest part of you:

And when you do, I look at you and I say,
“There you are. I know you.”

“There you are. I know you.” I don’t know why exactly, but Thomas’s words really hit home. See, as humans we’re  constantly collecting. Collecting knowledge. Collecting sermon notes that end up crumpled up in pockets and purses. Collecting pats on the back, followers on social media, people to fill our pews, and sales, always sales. The sad thing is, in all our collecting,  in all our busyness, we can forget what really matters, knowing the hearts of those around us and letting ourselves be known, by others and, more importantly, by God.

I know, it’s a big ask. I mean, how can we be known by the maker of the universe? Well, I think that God knows us when our ministries are focused not on collecting, but on connecting. When we strive to know the hearts of others and honestly share ours. When we use our platforms to give hope to the lonely and to stand against injustice. And when we create, not only for ourselves, but for “the least of these” because, when we do, we’ve done it unto God.

                                                                                   “There you are. I know you.”

At the end of 2018, I want to hear these words. From my wife, from my kids, from my friends. And, mostly, from the quiet whisper of God….There you are. I know you. 

See, I’ve spent a lot of years trying to know more about God, but this year I want to spend some time letting God know me.

Just a few thoughts from a heart that’s always wondering. Have an awesome 2018 friends.




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