We’ll tell our stories on these walls Every year, measure how tall And just like a work of art We’ll tell our stories on these walls With each year, our color fades Slowly, our paint chips away But we will find the strength And the nerve it takes To repaint and repaint and repaint every […]

Rejections Are Opinions

I know, it’s not a long blog post, but a necessary one. Any artistic endeavor, any vision, any dream, will be met with rejection from time to time. It just happens. So rather than packing up the idea and calling it a day, steady yourself against the wind and take a step forward, then another, […]


The Whirling Dervishes, a Sufi Muslim sect, spin.  Have you ever seen YouTube videos of them? They spin for hours, trying desperately to touch the divine.  They spin to hear heaven’s voice. They spin for healing. They  spin themselves into a trance so they can leave the burdens of this earth behind. Some of us shake […]

I Know You

As I venture into 2018, I have this poem stuck in my head, “The Gods Tremble Before Quiet Strength”  by Iain Thomas.  When my poetry-loving daughter read them to me, they just seemed to take hold and not let go. I know you best when you are brave. I know you when your strength comes from […]

First Stop Seattle

As I drove away from the Omega Writers Conference in Sydney a couple of weeks ago, I spent some time thanking God for the opportunity to be able to meet so many talented, creative people doing awesome things with their work. Travelling and speaking has by far been one of the biggest blessings in my […]

what’s been up

Happy almost September everyone. I hope you’ve all had a warm and wonderful summer and are looking forward to the brilliance of fall. Though I’m not thrilled about my kids going back to school, I am excited about the year ahead. Here’s a quick update. I’ve been spending my summer days working on a new […]

meteor shower

They’re already in bed, should I wake them up? Nah, way past midnight and totally too late for their already messed up summertime body clocks to handle. But… the Perseid meteor shower only comes once a year, and this year’s ice and space dust spectacular is supposed to be better than ever. Still no.  My […]

nothing left to do but drive

All things go, all things go – Sufjan Stevens (You don’t have to listen to the music, but I was when I wrote this)   With our quiet faces looking out of passenger seat windows and our arms stretched outside like paper wings, we drive away.  There are no smiles, only tears, but we’ve been walking on […]

Nebraska Spring

A couple of weeks ago, I had a speaking engagement in Omaha, Nebraska. It was cold, really cold, especially for the end of April, and my California self nearly froze to death. But everything was so green, and fresh, and beautiful as well, a perfect metaphor for the weekend.  See, I flew out with no […]

So This is My Desk

Welcome to my desk, where countless hours are spent daydreaming dialogue and imagining new worlds for the YA books I write. I’ve numbered things for you so you won’t get lost. Have fun. 1. Daughter Falling Off Swing: This is my all-time, favorite picture of my youngest daughter, Izzy. She’s just fallen off a swing […]

The Reviews Are In

It’s always a relief when the reviews come in…and they’re good!  Thanks to everyone for reading. I really appreciate you finding some value on these pages. And if you haven’t picked up a copy yet, click on the picture to learn more. Peace, Alex

Australia 2017

So excited to be heading to the Edmund Rice Conference Centre in Sydney Australia in the coming months. Looking forward to meeting all those Australian readers, artists, and writers.  More details to come as the date nears, so stay posted.  See you soon!

Fifteen Seconds in One Week

Literature-obsessed Thatcher Kelly is wondering about love. Not the “I’ll love you on your perfect days” kind of love you see in the movies, but the real “I’ll go down with the ship” kind of love.  With his family falling apart and his humiliating school picture going viral as a meme, he’s starting to wonder whether […]

The Stories Tour

It’s been another great year of writing, traveling, and getting to meet so many of you around the country. There’s one more appearance to go this year, and that’s Faith and Writing in Anderson, Indiana on October 28-29 (which coincides with the release of my new YA book, Fifteen Seconds of Normal). I’ll be talking about how to […]