Nebraska Spring

A couple of weeks ago, I had a speaking engagement in Omaha, Nebraska. It was cold, really cold, especially for the end of April, and my California self nearly froze to death. But everything was so green, and fresh, and beautiful as well, a perfect metaphor for the weekend.  See, I flew out with no […]

So This is My Desk

Welcome to my desk, where countless hours are spent daydreaming dialogue and imagining new worlds for the YA books I write. I’ve numbered things for you so you won’t get lost. Have fun. 1. Daughter Falling Off Swing: This is my all-time, favorite picture of my youngest daughter, Izzy. She’s just fallen off a swing […]

The Reviews Are In

It’s always a relief when the reviews come in…and they’re good!  Thanks to everyone for reading. I really appreciate you finding some value on these pages. And if you haven’t picked up a copy yet, click on the picture to learn more. Peace, Alex

Australia 2017

So excited to be heading to the Edmund Rice Conference Centre in Sydney Australia in the coming months. Looking forward to meeting all those Australian readers, artists, and writers.  More details to come as the date nears, so stay posted.  See you soon!